Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprises (DBEs/SBCs)

Connect 202 Partners has formed a team that combines local and national experience with an emphasis on performing work using local firms. Our team fully recognizes the importance of maximizing participation by local and regional Disadvantaged Small Businesses and Small Business Concerns (DBEs/SBCs). Our plan takes a proactive approach to meeting participation goals, and we will identify and award subcontracting and supplier opportunities in a systematic and transparent manner.

DBE Spotlight

Each quarter, C202P recognizes a DBE firm for their outstanding contribution to the project.

C202P’s 1st Quarter 2018 DBE Spotlight is awarded to Hoque & Associates, Inc.

Hoque & Associates is providing Quality Control services related to the embankment compaction testing and drilled shaft CSL testing on the Project. Hoque & Associates is integral to the embankment operations schedule, by completing compaction tests concurrently with placement to allow efficient scraper haul/placement in roadway fills. Their ability to provide timely testing and accurate reporting for CSL testing results is essential to maintaining the schedule for bridge substructure activities. Their willingness to work through report submittal questions and provide additional documentation to close out test report submittals, has been instrumental to the completion of the Project. Hoque & Associates recently started supporting the design coordination quality process and have been a real asset in updating project design documentation and closing design processes. Congratulations!


Previous DBE Spotlights

There are various types of assistance available to DBE firms interested in working on this project. You can learn more by reading our DBE Resource Guide.

Connect 202 Partners encourages you to visit our Opportunities page and fill out a Notice of Interest Form.

For additional information on Arizona Department of Transportation DBE Certification, please visit: ADOT Business Engagement and Compliance.

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